Farm Insurance

Farm insurance not only protects your farm and equipment, it can also help protect you from losing your shirt due to ruined crops or cattle.


Farm Insurance Basics

Most farm insurance policies offer a combination of some or all of the following forms of protection:

  • Crop Insurance protects your crops from all sorts of problems that could ruin your harvest, like bad weather, pests, and diseases. If you think your crops might get damaged during the growing season, this insurance is for you.
  • Livestock Insurance covers all damages to any of your farm animals. The most common cases are things like illness or injury, but it also protects from theft or other problems that may occur.
  • Liability Insurance is something you should have if you own any sort of farm equipment, like tractors or hay balers. If you ever get into an accident with your equipment, this insurance will pay to fix up whatever, or whoever, is damaged.
  • Property Insurance covers your farm itself – anything you own on your property. This includes things like barns or anything else you have on there. If your farm is ever damaged by a disaster, this insurance will cover it so you won’t have to worry about paying for the damages out of pocket.

More About Farm Insurance

Every farm is unique, which means the types and amount of coverage you require are going to be different from your neighbor. Click the button below for a free quote and a no-obligation consultation with one of our agents and we can help you set up a policy that provides strong protection at a fair price.


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