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With the water levels rising, more and more people are taking to boats for recreation. If you’re interested in learning about boat insurance, then there are some things that you should know.


Boat Insurance Basics

If you own a boat and don’t have boat insurance, you could be putting yourself in a dangerous position without even realizing it. In the event of a collision that leads to injury, you could be held liable for all of the medical costs the other party incurs. This could end up in a hefty lawsuit against you that you might not have the means to fight.

Further, as you already know, boats are expensive. Imagine losing your entire investment due theft, vandalism, or an accident that isn’t even your fault.

Most boat insurance policies will provide basic protection for the following issues:

  • Theft recovery
  • Property damage
  • Collisions
  • Medical expenses
  • Liability costs
  • Lawsuit protection

More About Boat Insurance

Additional types of coverage are available based on the size and value of your craft, how often you take it out, and what you primarily use it for. To learn more about how to protect your aquatic investment, click the button below to schedule a free consultation with one of our helpful representatives.

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