Serving Up Hope: Supporting Food Insecure Community Members

In Virginia, nearly 800,000 people face hunger. Of those, 1 in every 9 are children. Sometimes, reaching out for help is often one of the most challenging steps of the process when it comes to the issue of food insecurity. However, when the plead for help is made, Food for Others is there to answer with hope through meal provisions and a restoration of dignity.

Since 1995 it has been Food for Other’s mission to distribute food to neighbors in need. They do this by uniting the power combination of volunteerism from the community and partnerships with organizations and large corporation food donors such as Costco, Wegmans, Trader Joe’s, Fresh Market, and more. In addition to solely distributing food, Food for Others also focuses on food waste prevention by partnering with local farms and learning environments for kids interested in growing and leading healthy lives. They also have a program that provides cooking and nutrition classes to low-income communities.

After hearing about the impact Food for Others has on so many different areas of our community, The Hardy Insurance Agency couldn’t help but get involved! We’re encouraging all our clients, friends, and family to check out what they do and contribute in any way possible. Additionally, we’ll donate $10 in your name for each person you recommend to receive a no-obligation quote from us!

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